Yoga breathing - draw the breath of life

The breath is life, if there is no food and water, human life can be maintained for several days: but if there is no breathing, we may be within a matter of minutes lost their precious lives. Yoga theory, yoga scholars often describe breathing is to draw the breath of life.

For yoga practitioners, breathing has two functions: head and enough blood supply Oxygen; intake of the breath of life, control of consciousness. Through yoga breathing exercises, you can clean the respiratory system, detoxify the body, so as to achieve the ideological purity of the state. Practice this breathing method, it is necessary to take full benefit of the diaphragm to do full breathing, usually the nose inhale and exhale action, because the nose is warm and filter the air. Yoga theory, breathing people can get a something called PRANA , this kind of thing is not material, but it is everywhere in the air, food, sun and water can get. The yoga doctrine known as the "breath of living" thing is the essence and energy, you can not see but can always feel.

Breathing before preparation:

Practice locations in the indoor or outdoor, should choose good ventilation, fresh air.
2, must practice in the fasting state, after a meal, do yoga breathing harmful health.
3, choose a stable posture, to maintain the body's natural, upright, relax. Depending on the breathing exercises using different poses - sitting, standing, supine, some exercises can even walk.
4, keep the relaxation of the face, lips and teeth; unless there are special requirements, otherwise all inhale and exhale through the nose. Breath of ways to filter and warm air.
5, to maintain the rhythm of breathing, unless there are special requirements, do not do the hanging-bearing exercises (breath-hold).
Special populations, such as pregnant women, menstruating women, patients with hypertension, heart disease, patients should be carefully read every breath tips, do not do that or less doing yoga breathing exercises.

Practice before emptying the stomach and bladder, cleaning the nose, teeth and tongue.

Diaphragmatic breathing:

Practice to ensure a stable posture, you can select the standing, supine or sitting posture. For beginners, it is recommended to choose a comfortable sitting position: Easy to sit, double cross-legged lotus, half-lotus sitting. The best place a mat in your hip, so that the body is more solid. Practice diaphragmatic breathing is the basis of learning yoga breathing.
Specific methods: imagine your body like a balloon, with a deep inhale, the diaphragm sink, to allow air to fill the entire lungs, let the abdomen swelled, and then let the maximum expansion of the chest, you can feel slight elevation of the shoulder; exhale deeply, mold diaphragm Move, first relax your shoulders, chest, and then relax the abdomen last contract your abdominal muscles and all exhaust vitro.
You can say that this is a combination of chest breathing and abdominal breathing, breathing should be gentle, deep, stable. Yoga theory: When breathing instability, people's thoughts also wandering; When the breathing is steady, the human mind is also stable. Learn this experience Yoga Pranayama breathing. Experienced yogis recommendations: Yoga Pranayama is very important and strictly a yoga practice, it is not only clean up the respiratory tract, also clean "consciousness garbage efficacy, before practicing yoga pranayama The line should do a simple meditation exercises, so that their own physical and mental relaxation, such a practice would be better. Of course, you can also be arranged according to their own time and needs meditation length of time.

Yoga breathing - breathing consists of three parts, suspended interest, breath. People often think that suction is the most important part of the breathing, but in fact, the exhale is the most critical part. The exhaust spit more, you have a chance to inhale more oxygen, so many yoga breathing, exhale longer than inhale when suspended interest rates make oxygen for a period of time in the body longer.

Alternate breathing:

This single nostril breathing exercises can clean up around the breathing passages alternately inhale through one nostril, then suspended interest rates finally exhale through the other nostril breathing time ratio is 1:4:2. To sit cross-legged, Vishnu fingerprints (set right hand beside the nose, rolled up the middle and index fingers, breathing, press the right nostril with the thumb, ring finger and press the left nostril). Breathing pattern: left nostril - Suspended interest rates (breath-hold) - right nostril breath - right nostril - hanging-bearing - left nostril breath.

This breathing method to help clean up the meridians, eliminate toxins, cleansing the body, the oxygen supply to the body more, makes the spirit more glow, more peaceful heart, clear, more breath of life. This breathing daily practice 3-4 rounds, each round can practice about 20 times.
Is relatively strong practice yoga breathing exercises, after doing all the breathing exercises, should sit relax completely relax the body.

Breathing in the practice of yoga postures:

Many people in the process of doing yoga posture practice, very arbitrary that all breathing deep breaths. In fact, not all posture to do deep breathing, for starters, we do not advocate doing breath-holding exercises, because if the beginners mishandled breathing, detrimental to the body. No barely breathing exception said that the process of practicing yoga postures to maintain the natural, relaxed breathing can. When maintaining a posture of the process, if they feel breathing very difficult to maintain or hold your breath, shortness phenomenon, that is too much ROM, and beyond the ability of the personal performance, you can breathe on his own performance to adjust the action stretch and tighten the squeeze correct your breathing smooth muscle and body stretching toward the degree, but the degree, not the most important action "in place". In the process of yoga exercises, facial muscles and teeth should always maintain a relaxed, calm state.

The practice of yoga postures, you also can be used in addition to do the normal breathing or deep breathing throat breathing during respiration of breath, rhythm, dizziness and other phenomena should immediately stop doing this type of breathing to return to normal breathing.

Laryngeal breathing:

This is a through the nose and then sent through the back of the throat like "snoring" sound, which is a twenty percent-airflow through the nose 80 percent airflow through the throat breathing. Laryngeal breathing method has been extensively applied to various types of yoga exercises among. This breathing method may be more stable posture, steady nerves and lower blood pressure, human intake.

After the completion of each posture practice, with a counterforce posture or supine, standing posture and relax various parts of the body, relax still breathing, pushing the body to relax to the best state to adjust. Such as relaxation, focus on the tense parts of the exhale the meditation these parts of the body relax.

Beauty breathing (Kapalaphati):

The heart of beauty in everyone. Maybe everyone's mind, "beauty" standards vary, but the concept of the modern pursuit of beauty, certainly not lack of self-confidence and healthy. Yoga breathing can bring their confident and beautiful from the inside to the outside of and yoga breathing process is to clean the body eliminate toxins through breathing exercises can adjust the section about the endocrine system. The Modern Many people face a long spot, acne or body obesity or weight loss are caused due to the disorder of the endocrine system. Therefore, in addition to the necessary cosmetics or drugs, yoga breathing is a good balance of the endocrine system, clean up the toxins from the body, to give it a try!

Smooth breathing:

This is a fast and abdominal breathing exercises, mainly stressed aspirated action to clear the bottom of the lungs exhale through conscious action, all the residual air, and then let the fresh oxygen through natural, forced to suck the gas action into the lungs, to clean up the entire respiratory system. This is a beginner to learn yoga breathing method is very effective and important an exercise.