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Another sense of body fat?
You may have used a body fat count, but the significance of the figures on your ...?
Read on, is very important!

Times are changing, the weight topic extends to BMI, and then extended to the body fat. Most people have accepted BMI only as a reference to "the concept, Because this is just a game, a simple calculation of weight and height relations game. For BMI, can only describe in one sentence how: to believe everything BMI might as well not believe in BMI. Here we discuss than BMI, but body fat!

Most people began to pay attention to body fat, rather than just concerns focus on the weight. But only care about body fat proportion, it is not enough, More importantly, you should calculate the changes in body weight and body fat. What I'm saying? For example to illustrate it clearly!

A 52 kg girl, body fat percentage of 20%,
Efforts, less 2 kg, very happy!
Came to 50 kg body weight, body fat percentage becomes 19.6%.
Looks pretty good results, but carefully you will find:

Weight (kg)

Percentage of body fat (%)

Fat weight (kg)

lbm (kg)

Efforts before










Fat mass change: 9.8-10.4 = -0.6
the lbm amount change :40.2-41.6 = -1.4

Before and after the change, fat loss of 0.6 kg 1.4 kg, lbm reduced.
In other words, the reduction of 2 kg, only 0.6 kg of fat!
You lose weight, 70% actually are muscle and water! Instead of fat!

Amazing now! You did not count too, right?

In other words, if you subtract two kilograms of body fat is still 20%, That you do not think that just as much without fear of body fat,
So you're wrong, because this way, You lose weight, all muscle and water!
Let alone many people lose weight, body fat, but increased. (Similarly, weight gain should calculate this thing, after the talks.)

Weight loss, in addition to pay attention to body weight, body fat, The more you want to know the meaning of body fat, it can help you calculate
Learn your weight loss really achieve their goals, Or you lose lbm (non-adipose tissue).

What many people do not care about losing the weight is just fine as long as thin. But I want to tell you secretly, lose muscle, you even harder lost! The upper and lower body because you will burn calories, help you lost something only muscle!

More absurd so complain, "My muscles consumers can not afford, I want to remind you that your consumers can not afford absolutely not muscle
Even if you say "That feels obviously on the hard muscle!". I only am sorry to say, it must be fat! Only excessive exercise, in the taut state of the muscles will be hard, Normal muscle, pinch it should be soft and flexible.

Already somewhat bifurcated title. The market almost all the way to lose weight, there are some problems. "Eat less and exercise more, you can lean patient perseverance." That I do not dare to speak for as long as you calculate body fat, lean body mass calculated. You will be surprised to find many weight loss success, really is the "weight loss" success. But is not the real weight loss success, but may only be lighter but becomes fat.

Dieting method, at most, can only help you in weight loss, can not help you lose weight!

All the diet pills, at most, can only help you in weight loss, definitely not help you in weight loss! If you want to use diet, diet pills, you are bound to the original but also fat! You will be counted lean body mass, If it is just you in the weight loss process record the weight and body fat,
Go to the math, to see you lose something. Indeed, there are ways to effectively lose weight, and, Not only does not limit you within half an hour after exercise, fasting, Also, you are doing exactly the opposite ... after exercise is to eat!