Skin Care



Many people think that women cosmetics sensitive to allergies, but skin problem. In fact, nobody is insured against these negative cases. This problem has always existed. It has recently become more widespread. While maintaining the level of quality of the verification and control of cosmetic products, new processes, the negative reaction of the active elements cosmetics attachment to the skin increases the risk a little.

Skin are widely used in all types of human skin. There can be many causes that may be prevented and if we taking care of these things, then he / she can get healthier skin and there are many available anti-aging programs to help prevent various skin problems. Many effective anti-aging program skin care are good to teach you what you can do that harms your skin and accelerate the aging process of your skin.


Sunburn is also protected by a sunscreen, doctors already proved that skin cancer is decreased by using sunscreen lotion. Statistics basal and squamous cell skin cancer cells are more difficult, but show a similar trend to double every twenty years.


Causes skin disorders:


Some of the popular causes of skin diseases:

Smoking: Smoking is the leading and not only because of the aging of your skin, this is the main cause of wrinkles & reduce vitamin C, which is key element for remain the skin plump & moist.


Sun exposure: Sun exposure gives freckles and it could revolve into brown sun-spots, the skin take on dry, wrinkles & sagging are also get exposure to the sun. In most cases, skin cancer may be events for this reason and visit additional sunlight in summer.


No regular physical activity: Regular exercise is as nourishing the skin, because exercise helps to tone the muscles and blood flowing. However in everyday life, it fails due to busy schedule.


Alcohol: Alcohol is fraction of aging skin via dilate small blood vessel in the skin and herbal commodities could be used to defeat the routine of drinking alcohol.


Lack of sleep: If you have a sleep problem that will become a major cause of skin problems. A good eight hours of sleep is essential for a person that could refresh your body & mind, and it gives the protection to the skin.


Exposure to cold: The cold can damage the cold winds and heating in the rooms makes the skin dry. The skin is stretched in winter must take extra care of the skin with moisturizing creams and products are used in both.


Stress: Stress has become a part of everyday life under pressure. Gives the stress over time the muscle of the face is consistent with this trend. It could be removed via various anti aging programs such as yoga, meditation and other remedies that can be used to relax the body and skin.


Prevention of skin disorders:


To prevent skin against skin diseases such as skin cancer, allergies, blood stains and many other problems:

Avoid direct sunlight

Apply sunscreen lotion before going in the sun

Drink more water

Sleep at least 6 - 8 hours per day

Daily exercise, yoga and meditation are great way to healthier skin

Remove makeup before going to bed

Avoid using chemicals on the skin

Avoid junk and fried foods

Eat fruits every day

Avoid alcohol, smoking & drugs

Consult a doctor if adverse skin trouble

Consult a dietitian for a healthy diet

Consult a physician if blood disorders or joint problems