If one were to define obesity, one could say that this is having a significant overload in body fat mass. Being obese is troublesome for several reasons:

first is of course aesthetic, but the second, namely its harmful effects on health is much more worrying. Heart problems (attack), high blood pressure and diabetes are mostly part of the problems that obese people often face.

Obesity is a major problem in the United States where one in three is considered obese. The risks faced by obese people are serious enough that they plan to follow a treatment that leads to rapid weight loss.

Symptoms of obesity: Among the commonly observed symptoms are often noted:

• Difficulty sleeping,
• Snoring
• Sleep apnea,
• Backache and joint pain,
• Excessive sweating,
• Permanent impression of being too hot,
• Dermal infections, especially in the folds of the skin,
• Be out of breath at the slightest physical activity,
• Daytime sleepiness,
• Fatigue and depression.

In case you submit one or more of the symptoms listed above, a medical assessment should be promptly considered. In fact, your doctor will advise you and try to find the best solution to minimize the risks associated with obesity such as by offering a program of rapid weight loss.
Through drastic changes on your eating habits and physical activity, starting even moderate symptoms regress gradually and with them, the associated risks. In extreme cases, the doctor may either make use of treatment with medication or intervention is contemplated chirgucale type gastric bypass.

The causes of obesity:

Causes most of the time from the imbalance between the amount of calories consumed versus one that is spent in any physical activity daily. Of course, some hormonal influences and / or sometimes a genetic influence, but the main cause is too much inactivity in everyday life.
Due to too much inactivity, the body is unable to consume the amount of calories ingested daily and stores them as fat. The fact that watching too much television, let alone in-munching is nowadays one of the main causes of obesity.
Junk is another: abuse type food "fast food" too rich in calories, skip lunches grandchildren, overeating at dinner and even snack late at night (to the TV), consume drinks too rich sugars (sodas, etc.), alcohol, eating too large portions, use repeatedly during a meal, calories causes for abuse abound.

Not enough sleep (less than 7 hours per day) may cause a change in hormone levels causing increased appetite and increasing the desire to eat more foods rich in calories including carbohydrates (sugars) which weight gain as a result.

Some medicines can also have a harmful effect and cause weight gain if to take is not offset by moderating food and / or surplus of physical activity. This is the case with antidepressants, treatments against diabetes, against epilepsy, steroids, beta-blockers etc..

Medical problems sometimes also cause obesity, Prader-Willi syndrome , the polycystic ovary syndrome to name a few. Arthritis can also lead to obesity due to inactivity.