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Nutrition of the Family




In Order to keep well our bodies need nourishment. Just as a plant will not grow well if it lacks sunshine, water and proper manure, human beings need foodstuffs of different kind to nourish the body. To keep well, we need to eat enough of the right foods and not merely to satisfy hunger. The word ‘nutrition’ comes from the word ‘nourish’ and it includes all the ways in which the foods we eat are used in the body for growth, energy and good health.


Relation of Nutrition to Health: The peoples who do not eat correct foods or does not eat sufficient are malnourished and this is called malnutrition. In recent time Malnutrition be extremely common in children. The condition is often not recognised because a malnourished child may look well, but when he is made to stand beside a healthy child of the same age he is much smaller. Child is under weight because of not having sufficient of the kind of foods essential for growth.


When an under-weight child gets measles or diarrhoea or some other infection, the malnutrition will get rapidly worse and he may die. A well-nourished is less likely to become sick with infections and if he becomes sick he usually soon gets well again.

Malnutrition also means that a child is less clever then he should be. The problem might begin even prior to birth if his mother does not contain the correct foods when she is pregnant. He is slow in learning to walk and talk. In school child is hungry, tired, dull and very slow to learn.
Adult person who is malnourished is not capable to work. manufacture and progress be downwards because of malnutrition. Here is the

evaluation of the effects on people of good nutrition and malnutrition:

Good Nutrition: Right weight intended for height and age, Strong muscles, Limbs straight, smooth clear skin, Healthy bright eyes, Hearing good, Breathing unobstructed, teeth well formed, Tonsils clean and small, Erect posture in sitting standing and walking, Nerves steady, Plenty of energy and good resistance to infections.

Malnutrition: Weak muscles, Bow- legs or knock knees, Skin dry and rough, Eyes dull, Loose of sight, Hearing poor, Mouth breathing (Adenoids), Uneven teeth, Tonsils enlarged, Round-shouldered, Twisted spine, Protruding abdomen, Nervous, Tired and listless, Poor resistance to infections.

Foods, Nutrients and Functions of food: Food means any substance which can be used by the body for nourishment: that is, for its growth and maintenance. Food is necessary for life. Foods are obtained from plants of many kinds and from birds, fish & animals. A great deal has been found out through science about foods and nutrients and the requirements for good nutrition.

Nutrients are materials present in foods, they are:

Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats and Oils, Vitamins and Minerals.

Most foods contain numerous of these. No food is there in nature which contains all nutrients. So for good Nutrition we need to eat different kinds of foods.