Mental Health


Causes & Symptoms of Mental health:


By climate sensitive regions frequently ravaged by tropical storms. This provides them not only much material damage and human suffering on, it also affects the mental health of the population. They have to deal with stress, anxiety and depression.

The city looked like it was bombed. On the way to the office, I saw people with the same shocked look like mine. Often we looked at each other, strangers to each other, but asked how the others had fared. The figures for the economic losses suffered to the storm that killed many people, are still provisional.

Moreover, there is also a less easy to calculate cost price: the psychological impact. Which can be seen in the eyes of people who talk about their losses: their homes, their possessions and even their memories.

Despair. People who have experienced a natural disaster often show symptoms of depression, anxiety, despair, irritability, stress and aggressiveness.