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Maternal Health




Maternal health of family depends extremely on the health of the mother. Here we are focused on maternal health and care, prop up her needs. Mother of the family unit is foremost focal point on, but let us keeps in mind the meeting of the family, welfare of family, mother health is very essential.

Maternal Mortality and Morbidity:

Maternal mortality means (Death) And Morbidity means (illnesses) of mother. Death of mothers during pregnancy. Most mothers suffer in poor health as a result of pregnancy, abortion, mishandle delivery.

Foundation of maternal mortality and morbidity are:-


• Obstetric Foundation: - Toxaemias of pregnancy, abortions, difficulty in labour, bleeding and sepsis.

• General HealthProblems: - Anaemia, Heart Disease, Tuberculosis, Diabetes and syphilis.


• Socio-Economic Factors: - Mother age illiteracy, too close pregnancies, Malnutrition.


Affecting Maternal Health Factor is:-


Socio-economic factors affecting maternal health. Girls are often to deny education even when boys in the family go to school. Marriage is frequently precise for a girl when she is only 14-15 years of age.


Belief of concern during the maternity sequence: - The sequence of maternity is three period:


• Pre-natal, ante-natal or pregnancy period.

• Natal, intra-natal, delivery or detention.

• Post-natal or period of the puerperium.


Health Assessment in Pregnancy:


During enjoin to assist women to be vigorous in pregnancy and to have a safe delivery of a healthy baby. We need to take her history and to do certain tests & examinations such as: Personnel history, Family history, Social history, past obstetric history, History of present pregnancy.

Tests and Examinations:


• Routine Procedures: - First collect a urine specimen and examine it for albumen & sugar. Second take temperature, pulse respiration; Blood Pressure Third checks the haemoglobin test for anaemia.


• Physical Examination: - Check general appearance, whether she is small in stature, walk & normal limp moments. Furthermore examine her face, breasts, hands, legs, abdomen & vulva.


• Doctor’s Examination: - Each pregnant woman should be examined at least once by a doctor.


Minor ailment in pregnancy are below:-


• Morning sickness
• Heartburn
• Constipation
• Varicose Veins
• Itching of the vulva
• Backache
• Fainting


Nutrition in Pregnancy: - Pregnant women’s diet should provide for needs to growing foetus, maintenance of the mother health, physical strength required during labour, successful lactation, take protein foods, iron, calcium & vitamins. Take high protein & low salt diet.

Observations & Care in stage of Labour:


• First stage of labour is from the begining of regular contraction until the cervix is fully dilated,

1. Assessment; - Assessment of first stage of labour is general condition, abdominal examination, an internal examination of vaginal or rectal.

2. Preparation; - preparation of mother lower abdomen, thigh & buttocks.

3. Observation: - Observation every half hour checks the mother pulse, and foetal heart rate. Check the temperature and blood pressure four hourly. Note the strength and frequency of contractions.


• Second stage of labour is from the time the cervix fully dilated until the birth of baby.


• Third stage after delivery of the baby until the placenta and membranes has come out. While waiting for the placenta to come, give immediate care to the baby.

• Cleaning up and leaving the home.