Hair Loss



Hair loss is something that happens to many people, and for some, this can have a huge impact on their self-confidence. Although many people suffer from it, there is to this day still no effective treatment possible. There are hundreds of products, but many are purely commercial products that respond to the subject securities of people with hair loss. It is therefore difficult to move through this jumble of products find the right one.

It seemed to me to be a good idea to get a basic overview for people who (unfortunately) 'new' in this world.
Note: I'm talking specifically about AGA, hereditary hair loss.
Very short, we still do not know all the reasons of hair loss. In recent years, more and more substances found that people with hair loss or not relative to people without hair loss, but the picture is still incomplete.

Something behind for decades known is that the hair of people with hair loss are sensitive to the hormone DHT. This is then seen as the great malrfactor for hair loss. DHT is a 'finished', and through various processes convert testosterone into DHT. DHT is much more potent than testosterone