Food Allergy



Types of food allergy:

Stomach allergies: Symptoms visible Bingmao food shortly after immediately vomiting, diarrhea, fecal water, and sometimes bloody.


Cutaneous allergy: Symptoms the visible Bingmao skin dry, coarse hair disorder, skin papules on the block, eyes, nose, facial itching wipe cause local skin injury bleeding.


Hybrid allergies: digestive and skin symptoms, weight loss, dehydration.


Some babies are born with hereditary allergy to certain foods, so if someone has a family allergic to certain foods, the baby may be. And parents in particular, should pay attention to be fed to babies after six months, began to eat food, but also should be noted that the baby is one year old can not eat food allergy babies generally only two types of food allergenic protein and milk, usually any infant age in less than a week, eat milk or protein will cause allergies, could lead to food allergy: wheat, corn, pork, fish (including shellfish), tomatoes, onions, cabbage, strawberries, walnuts, spices, citrus and chocolate, many parents in the baby for at least a year old before allowing him to eat these foods, we also propose to them a lot about baby allergies and food matters to discuss with your doctor.