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Endometriosis is an orphan disease (rare) it affects 5% of women age procreated. It is characterized by the formations of tissue outside the uterus. These tissues that during menstruation, I'm not going to court gynecology.


The cause could be due to an abnormality of the immune system that let tissue clinging organs outside the uterus.


Organs may be affected:
(Most often)
- Ovaries, fallopian tubes, the ligaments that support the uterus, the outer surface of the uterus.

(More rarely)
-Intestines, bladder, rectum, kidneys, sometimes the lungs.

The symptoms are:
-Pain in the lower abdomen that radiates sometimes in the legs,
- The pain during sex , Pain when urinating, defecating,
-Difficulty becoming pregnant, , Fatigue, irritability, Brownish-off losses menstruation,
-Blood in the urine,
-Blood in the stool or bleeding after urination

All these symptoms are amplified during menstruation.


This is pain that becomes chronic, it is in general more acute and may occur on the arrival of the first period. Depression, fatigue, are generally caused by unbearable pain.

To be diagnosed, a simple ultrasound is not enough. Must usually an MRI which sometimes is not even enough. In any case, the only exam for one determined with the disease, laparoscopy is the safest. (For some very serious cases, ultrasound or MRI may reveal endometriosis).

This can characterized by nodules or adhesion (sticking) between the organs affected.