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Why is it important to have healthy teeth?

Why are you interested in taking care of your teeth? If you take care of your teeth, you will help prevent the formation of dental plaque, which is a very thin layer that sticks to the teeth. You may not worry too much about having dental plaque, but the problem is that it is very sticky and is a magnet for sugar and bacteria.

Dental plaque also causes gingivitis, a condition in which the gums become red, swollen, and painful. The gums are the pink and soft tissue that you have in your mouth and that holds your teeth.

If we do not care of our teeth, it will not take long to have cavities and gum pain. You'll have a hard time eating, and of course you will not want to smile.

Detrimental to long brushing your teeth?

Three minutes - so long must you brush so that they are properly cleaned. This recommendation from childhood, many still in their ears. An English dentists questions, however, this rule: Three minutes of brushing teeth were too long and could even damage the teeth. We asked a dentist, if this is true and explain what is important for the dental care really matters.

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More harm than good for too long brushing?

Brushing is the most important measure in terms of oral hygiene. Many proceed according to the principle "the longer the better." But Peter Heasman, periodontist of the University of Newcastle argued against "online world": Who is more than two minutes brushing your teeth increases, hurting the risk of gum and tooth enamel. Ideally, the teeth should be cleaned two or three times a day for two minutes, the doctor continued. The ideal cleaning pressure lies at 150 grams, which corresponds to the weight of an orange.