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Child Health Care



Child health care is very important in present scenario. Every year millions of child born have died before celebrating their first birthday in whole world. With the help of Family Plannung we can decrease this figure.

Growth & development of a child: - Child Growth is a raise in dimension of the whole body or its parts. Child development is an increase in skills or abilities. Child grows & develops are:-

• Physically
• Mentally
• Emotionally
• Socially

Feature Affecting growth & development of child:-

• Pre-natal feature: - Before the child is born as a foetus in the uterus his growth & development are affected. Subsequent can arm the foetus are:- poor nutrition of the mother, Mechanical injury, virus infection, x-rays in early months, medicines taken in the first three months of pregnancy.

• Maternal Nutrition.

• Hereditary feature.

• Environmental feature.

• Socio-Economic circumstance.

Stages of child life & basic needs:

• Newborn stage: - first four week of child life is developing total health physical, mental & emotional depends approximately wholly on total health of the mother. Breast feeding gives the finest start in life. The newborn’s nutritional needs, emotional needs& protect from infections.

• Infant stage: - its first stage of life, in this stage the Childs’s body and limbs grow rapidly but head doesn’t grow at the same rate .the arms circumference increase from about 11cm to 16 cm. the infant muscles show increasing strength, beginning with the ability to lift his head at about 3 month when lying on his abdomen. Infants basis need are continuation of breast feeding, together with other foods.

• Pre-school child stage: - This stage is from 1 to 5 years. At first there is rapid growth, the weight at 2 years should be about 4 times the birth weight. After 2 year physical growth is slower, but the child steadily increases in strength and skills. At 2 & half years all 20 temporary teeth will have appeared.

• School child: - this is stage of 6 to 12 years .the temporary teeth gradually fall out and are replaced by permanent teeth.

• Adolescent: - This is stage from 12 to 18 years; it is the stage of being half an adult and half a child.

Assessment of growth & development of child: - Assessment has to do with measurements. The weights & height are very important measurement of child growth.


Child care:-

• Breast feed your child as long as possible.
• Don’t use a bottle for feeding
• Start the child on solid food from 3 month of age.
• Give the child locally available staple foods, avoid tinned foods.
• Get your child immunised against Diphtheria, Whooping cough & poliomyelitis from the birth as per time table given.
• If your child is not gaining weight properly, consult your doctor.

Prevention & treatment of common childhood diseases and ailments:-

• Respiratory infections
• Eye and ear infections
• Communicable diseases
• Diarrhoea, Vomiting & Dehydration
• Constipation, indigestion & worms
• Malnutritions