Septic arthritis infectious arthritis are caused by germs which have penetrated inside the joint is by blood from a site of infection is located remotely from accidentally after an open wound, or infiltration (usually corticosteroids).

Most often are septic arthritis monoarthritis that is to say, concerning only one joint.

This variety of arthritis is characterized by:
• Swelling.
• A hot joint.
• Articulation sometimes red.
• Particularly intense joint pain sometimes preventing any movement.
• Hyperthermia (fever).
• Chills.

The highlight of septic arthritis in an individual must isolate it to identify the causative organism, as soon as possible. It is a designation made by blood culture when the germ could be transmitted through blood. The identification may also occur after a gynecological sample, urine, throat, in a word, all outbreaks possible that they are at tooth in the sinus at the level of the skin, etc..

Sometimes the puncture of the joint is required. In effect, this reduces synovial fluid aspiration it is possible to study and to culture.
List of different septic arthritis (non exhaustive list):

• Skeptical arthritis due to pyogenic such as staphylococcus streptococcus. It is the most common. Infection is the result of a neighborhood home. Most often it is a wound. Sometimes the infection has occurred leading to a remote bacteremia is to say the presence of bacteria in the blood thereof having won the joint. Puncture to remove a liquid containing pus (purulent). It is favored by a septic arthritis immune deficient state.
• Arthritis Brucella appears after a brucellosis . Increasingly rare, and Brucella arthritis is acute or chronic. It covers all joints, but those interested primarily in the spine and joints more precisely located between the sacrum and ilium and hips. The diagnosis of Brucella arthritis is sometimes put through interrogation highlights like pains back pain with fever (fever). Radiography of the spine and pelvis sometimes directs the diagnosis.
• Viral arthritis are sometimes the result of virus rubella virus and hepatitis , see parvovirus (exanthem subitum). Other type virus arbovirus African and Australian or HIV are also likely to lead to the emergence of viral arthritis. Joint involvement relates, in general, a small number of joint. On the other hand this is usually minimal damage towards the patient's recovery in a few days without sequelae.
• Arthritis in Lyme or Lyme disease is the result of an infection by a germ: Borrelia burgdorferi. This organism was able to penetrate inside the patient's body due to a tick bite. This condition, causing a rash is likely to develop into a neuro meningeal (achievement of meninges and central nervous system).
• Arthritis arthritis include sexually transmitted gonococcal , increasingly rare, arthritis of syphilis secondary reactive arthritis in Chlamydia trachomatis and arthritis infrequently occurring as a result of HIV (AIDS).
• The tuberculosis which had almost disappeared due to BCG vaccination and antibiotic treatment especially tuberculosis infections (specifically primary tuberculous infection) comeback due to secondary immunodeficiency virus AIDS making some mycobacteria usually harmless, but become pathological in patients infected with HIV.