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The most commonly used word in recent time is "addiction”. We can say "addiction” is kind of behaviours like – drinking, watching TV, it can be a hazardous obsession among a self-destructive material or behaviour. A number of medical professionals think addiction is a psychosomatic situation, although others claim it is a psychosomatic problem. As a topic that attracts so much disagreement, it's simple to observe why the exact meaning of addiction is not clear. Addiction is a physical sickness? How does Addiction increases? Is Addiction inborn? Can Addiction be cured? These are the frequent questions that contain complex answers.

Some major Addictions which are harmful to human being are –

• Alcohol addiction: - It is frequently recognized as alcoholism, we can say Alcohol addiction is a disease don’t have boundaries. Alcohol addiction is a mental situation, meaning that public, psychosomatic and behavioral factors are contributed to the beginning and progression of this disease.
It is very difficult to identify the symbols of alcohol addiction. in addition, alcoholics usually hiding behavior from their loved ones or minimize the harmful consequences of drinking. To identify if alcoholism might be there, just look for subsequent behaviours like - Increased quantity of consumption or Regular of use, Increased tolerance and Increased emotional issues or depression.

The treatment process of Alcohol addiction is very complex and challenging. Treatment of addiction is mostly depends on the Alcoholic. We can’t force him for treatment if he can’t be supportive.

Drug addiction: - It is individual dangerous types of addictions. In common, illicit drugs are substance that is illegal to create, put up for sale, or utilize, for example cocaine, amphetamines, heroin, and hallucinogens. Several illicit drugs are extremely addictive and front severe health risks, while engaged in small doses.


Appearance of drug addiction frequently starts as experimentation. The punter tries a bit out of rarity and becomes enthusiastic on the psychological effects of the drug. Illicit drug addiction is progressed more speedily than other others, frequently require the punter to guzzle more with advanced doses of drug to obtain the similar effects. Lacking of intercession, an addict will frequently set his physical condition and protection.

Symptoms & Signs of drug addiction:-

The special effects of illicit drugs on the punter will differ depending on the type of drug. Though, there are generally three categories:

Motivating drugs: - It is cocaine or methamphetamines, be liable to carry the punter to a state of hyperactivity.
Miserable drugs: - such as heroin, be liable to decline the user’s energy level.
Hallucinogenic drug: - such as marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms, or LSD, alter this user’s perception of breathing space, moment in time, and authenticity.

Illicit drug addiction treatment is a complex & long procedure. In several cases, it is hard to stop the addict using or to preserve temperance lacking of professional assistance. While use of illicit drug can pose hazardous health trouble throughout the time of withdrawal, In starting of sobriety it’s highly recommended medically supervised atmosphere for an addict.


Video Game & Technology Addiction:- Recent time use of internet has turn out to be a essential requirement all over the world, health experts agree on increasing trend of technology addiction. Additional general among youth, technology or video gaming addiction occurs while a person has a habitual need to engage with devices like smart phones & video games.

Video Gaming addiction is not known as diagnosable situation, but there is no difference between Technology addict & Drug addict. Similar to other addictions, the addict comes to connect gaming with enjoyable feelings, we can’t stop his behavior without experts assistance.

Symptoms & Signs: It is very difficult to recognize the symptoms of Technology & Gaming addiction. Although every day use of technology is frequent, an addict is shown highly habitual behavior. An addiction can be there if: habitual to the Internet or use of technology devices, don’t have interest in other activities, poor result in exams or in work in office.

Treatment: Technology addiction is a very serious situation in recent time. Technology & gaming addict can be benefit from counselling through an addiction expert.


Tobacco Addiction:- In the whole world addictive substance used in majority is Tobacco. While use of tobacco is turn down in many countries, researchers estimation is that approx 40 percent of Population in whole world is addicted to the Nicotine. Nicotine is the major addictive substance in tobacco. Similar to other drugs, frequent use of tobacco, may cause an addiction which is harmful for our body.


Symptoms & Signs:Tobacco Addiction is very difficult to hide because of substance abuse difficulty. although some persons can smoke rarely, an addiction can be there if the individual: Can’t prevent smoking and chewing, even though repetitive attempts to stop, have to smoke/chew after each meal and after long period, require tobacco at the times of tension or bad temper.

Treatment: It is so hard to manage Tobacco addiction, even though the simplicity and convenience of treatment option. There are many different treatments for tobacco addiction:

The Patch: It’s a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).
Nicotine Gum.
One more type of NRT.
Spray or Inhaler.
Nicotine nasal spray or a nicotine inhaler can also be helpful in Tobacco addiction.