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Here we discussing all health related topics. Recent time every person have some minor health issues or healthproblems. These minor health disease or health issues or healthproblems are becomes major healthproblems, when people ignore them. Some people feel hesitant to talk about their healthproblems, this hesitation put them difficult situation. So never feel hesitant to talk about your healthproblems. People do want to get treatment for illness. However different factors including socio-cultural and economic factors influence treatment seeking behaviour. There are reasons for not taking treatment early enough:


(1) Some illness like TB and Anaemia are slow type. One knows about the illness only after a certain stage.


(2) Searching the facility for right treatment.


(3) There is no time in the daily struggle for livelihood and one may as well pull on till it gets unbearable.


(4) Lake of information about the disease.


(5) Some people have financial problem.


(6) Some people feel the illness will be cured by local traditional healers, so they try out this option.


(7) Some people have different perceptions about illness-like god’s wrath or evil spirits and believe that doctor could do little about it. Also generally women’s illness are often neglected by the family members as these are considered too “trivial” to merit any consultation or treatment.


Many girls and boys keep long nails as if it protects against physical attacks. It does not in most cases. Some keep it for fashion and being trendy. However they do not know that dirt collects under nails and may harbour germs and eggs of worms. At times this dirt can go in our stomach along with food. This dirt can be a source of illness like diarrhoea, typhoid, dysentery, jaundice, worms etc. Hence it is always better to keep nails trimmed.

Needles are no good for removing food particles stuck between teeth. Sharp needles may cause injury to soft oral cavity. This may also lead to tetanus. Many people have this habit of using alpines or needles and knowingly and unknowingly keep on using this to clean teeth. The best way of removing food particles is by proper brushing. Immediate mouthwash after meals or snacks is necessary to wash out particles. Brushing before sleep is also very important.

Skin infections or fungal infections are common in women especially on the waist and groins. This is because lake of privacy for bathing. This cause women to bathe with clothes on and hence there is no cleaning of these parts and also breasts. The simple solution to this problem is to create privacy.

Adequate and balanced diet, good habits like exercise and personal hygiene practices, healthy living environment, positive attitude are necessary for building resistance to illness. Timely immunization is important for strengthening the body’s defence system.


Smallpox was a viral (very minute germs) illness. It vanished from the universe due to a widespread and effective vaccine, the global campaign of vaccination and close watch on virus. Several programmes are underway to eliminate some other diseases such as polio.


Dog bites are common. Hydrophobia is not so common and every dog bite does not give rabies. Yet people are afraid of dog bite, as it can be the fatal rabies illness. Rabies has no cure except that timely after vaccine may save cases before the germs reach the brain.